the Scissor Guy

                        "A RECONDITIONER of    SCISSORS,   SHEARS,  TOOLS, and CLIPPER BLADES"  



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                                               Arius Eickert  FACTORY TRAINED and CERTIFIED   RECONDITIONER*


                           office and shop      608-475-6951                

                                                                              cell  814-521-5598

                                We sharpen:   

                                                              Beauty Shears  ~~  Grooming Scissors  ~~  Clipper Blades

                                                              Fabric Scissors ~~ Pinking Scissors  ~~  All kinds of Scissors   

                                                                                                            Knives (all kinds)  ~~  Chisels  


                  The Scissor Guy is a sales, service, and repair business owned by Mike Eppley who takes great pride in the quality of his work. The business

                 is located a few minutes from the Wisconsin River,  about a mile east of the Village of Lone Rock, and near historic Spring Green, Wisconsin.

                      The business was started near Berlin , Pennsylvania and did very well.  We sharpened in most of the JoAnn Fabric Stores in Western PA ,

                sharpened at Dog Shows in PA, and had many happy customers all across Pennsylvania and Western Maryland . In the Spring of 2012  Mike sold

                 his business in PA and   moved to Lone Rock, Wisconsin to pursue other goals and to eventually retire in a quiet rural area close to a lake or river

                 with good fishing. 

                       At the start of 2015 Mike decided it was time to go back to what he really enjoyed doing and reopened His sharpening business.

                  The Scissor Guy  is back with new and updated equipment, years of experience in sharpening, and fair reasonable prices..


                                      the  SCISSOR GUY. net

                                        Mike Eppley                                   608-475-6951   

                                                  S12715 Greenway Lane                        cell:   814-521-5598

                                                  Lone Rock , WI     53556                          email:


Got a question or need something sharpened??? call or email.




                           * RECONDITIONING - Includes Sharpening, Cleaning, and Alignment.    Parts are not included. Repairs are extra charge.